• Move Types Pokemon Moves

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    Can You Name What Type These Pokemon Moves Are?

    While Pokemon has been around for over two decades the fan base has not let up. It’s grown significantly over the past few years, too. For some reason we just can’t seem to get enough of the cute (and often ferocious) Pocket Monsters, can we? No matter how many times we’ve played and leveled up […]

  • Best X-Files Quizzes

    True or False – This Is The Best X-Files Factoid Quiz

    Ever since the debut of The X-Files we’ve all been captivated by the adventures of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. A dynamic duo if we’ve ever seen one. The premise of the series fairly simple, find new paranormal and unexplainable cases to investigate and get to it. We all know that out of the two […]

  • TV Show Quizzes

    Do You Know These X-Files Characters?

    September 10th, 1993. That is when we were all introduced to the dynamic duo that is Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The iconic slogan, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, splayed across our little box screen TVs. The catchy theme song calling everyone to the living room to watch the epic show that’s about to start. […]

  • Best Pokemon Quizzes



    Who’s That Pokemon? Generation II – Part 5

    It truly is hard to believe that Pokemon has been around for 25 years. It’s enough to make one feel old! Here we are almost 900 Pokemon and 8 generations later and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Some were attracted to the card game, some the video game, and for others it was […]

  • Generation 2 Pokemon Quiz

    Who’s That Pokemon Quiz – Generation II – Part 4

    It’s simply amazing that even after being around for a quarter of a century the Pokemon craze is still stronger than ever. Pokemon Gold and Silver, also commonly referred to as the “Metal Generation”, was a vast improvement from Gen 1. Many people were not aware that there would even be a second generation of […]

  • Generation 2 Pokemon

    Who’s That Pokemon? Generation 2 – Part 3

    For over two decades we’ve been enjoying everything that Pokemon has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a quick battle or an epic journey you know that you can find it in the Johto Region in Pokemon Gold, Silver, or Crystal. Generation Two introduces us to a new town, New Bark Town, and 100 new […]

  • Generation 2 Pokemon Quiz

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    Who’s That Pokemon? Gen 2 – Part II

    Ever since the Pocket Monster invasion of 1996 we’ve all been held hostage by their adorable looks and fierce moves. With every generation comes a set of new Pokemon to look forward to training and raising. Better yet we look forward to embarking on an adventure that’s sure to take up hours of our time […]

  • Harry Potter Facts

    True Or False – How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

    Nothing makes us more nostalgic than rereading or rewatching our favorite Harry Potter book or movie. It’s been around since the 90s and is still more popular than ever. For those that have not had the privilege to read the harrowing tales or see any of the eight films, we do recommend you one or […]

  • Dragon Ball Characters

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    What Dragon Ball Kai Are You?

    Dragon Ball is a Japanese based anime that features and follows the the life of Goku and many other characters, including some unique intergalactic ones. To give just a little background on the franchise, Dragon Ball started as a manga in Japan back in 1984 and a couple years later, due to its popularity, was […]

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