Are You More Of A Goku Or Vegeta?

Goku Or Vegeta

Being a fan of the ever popular Dragon Ball franchise comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that you can watch something that is always exciting (no matter how predictable it is). One disadvantage is that you will always have to argue with other fans about who’s better or stronger, Goku or Vegeta.

Perhaps that may not be a disadvantage per se, but having the same conversation over and over can get annoying. While there are many different characters in the Dragon Ball Universe Vegeta and Goku are two of the most popular. While they have similarities it’s their differences that have people torn.

Of course, just like most of the Dragon Ball character, they are both strong, they both have families to take care of, and although Vegeta may not wholeheartedly admit it, they both care about keeping the Earth safe. The similarities pretty much stop there.

Vegeta is a bit conceited always trying to prove he’s the strongest of the Saiyans and acting indifferent to the Earth’s problems (even though his wife is a human) and Goku is always looking for a fight, trying to find someone stronger than him. Improving his power, training, and getting better is what his life is all about.

Now, the question is, are you more of a Goku or a Vegeta? Answer the questions on this quiz and find out!

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