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Did you know that Dragon Ball has been around for nearly four decades? Forty years! Maybe you weren’t even born yet. It originally started as a manga waaay back in 1984. Akira Toriyama, its original creator, couldn’t have had any idea about how popular this captivating cartoon would end up being.

I’ll bet that you didn’t know that Dragon Ball is the #1 most successful Manga/Anime ever. The manga has been distributed in more than 40 countries and the show has been released in over 80 countries! As far as being the best-selling Manga series it holds the #2 spot, only behind One Piece.

Dragon Ball started out as a manga (Japenese comic book) a long time ago, but since then has branched out to include TV shows, movies, video games and has even release soundtracks. Its popularity is hard to rival and they’re still creating new shows on a regular basis. With 12 universes, each with their own ruler/deity it’d be hard to see this show end any time soon (thankfully).

Many don’t know, but Toriyama found his inspiration for the original manga when he became interested in watching martial arts movies like Enter the Dragon and Drunken Master, along with a little help from a Chinese novel called Journey to the West. Although he planned for the series to end once all Dragon Balls had been collected, he decided to keep it going for his fans.

So, the question now is, how well do you really know Dragon Ball and its many characters? Let’s find out!

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