Which Gen 1 Water Type Pokemon Are You?

Water Type Pokemon Quiz

It’s hard to believe that Pokemon started almost 25 years ago. Many of us spent hours (and hours) at a time trying to get to the Elite Four, and even more time trying to beat them. This even involves sitting under a blanket at 1 AM (with a flashlight) playing with noise off so your parents don’t hear that you’re up and playing “that darn gizmo”.

Now, these days, we don’t need the flashlights anymore. We’re 35 games in (yes, 35 so far, and that’s just counting the console games – handheld or otherwise – and not even including the app games). Crazy, we know. Did you know that there are now close to 900 Pokemon?!

It’s just insane. For this specific quiz we’re keeping it old school. There are almost 40 Pokemon that are some form of a Water-Type in the original 151 from Generation I and only about half of those are purely water-type. Many people, mainly those that have an affinity for the water-types, have contemplated the question “What water-type Pokemon would I be?” and now is your chance to find out.

What’s great about Pokemon, and surely a big reason the Pokemon Fanbase is so huge, is that each Pokemon comes with its own unique look, personality, and character traits (just like people). Some are angry and hard to please while others are easy to keep happy.

So, which one would you be? So many Pokemon, so little time. There’s really only one way to find out for sure. All you have to do is fill in these blanks and we’ll tell you. Make sure to share your results with your friends and have them take the test, too!

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