Who’s That Pokemon? Gen 2 – Part II

Generation 2 Pokemon Quiz

Ever since the Pocket Monster invasion of 1996 we’ve all been held hostage by their adorable looks and fierce moves. With every generation comes a set of new Pokemon to look forward to training and raising. Better yet we look forward to embarking on an adventure that’s sure to take up hours of our time while we explore every nook and cranny of the different towns we will come across on our journey.

The second generation of Pokemon provided us Pokemon fans with 100 new ones. Some are cute and others are super strong, but no matter which ones become your favorites it’s important to become familiar with all of them. You gotta catch ’em all, right?

With the release of the second generation we were offered more new aspects besides just new Pokemon. There were new features added such as adding a time of day function, allowing for Pokemon to carry and hold objects (like berries), new types of Poke balls, a telephone feature….And who can forget the ever helpful Pokegear?

For some Pokemon’s Generation 2 is considered the best one out of all 8 generations. It’s not over-complicated, but it’s not too simple either. It’s just perfect. No matter what generation you prefer there’s no denying that some of the Pokemon in Gen 2 hold a dear place in our hearts.

So, now the question is, just how well do you remember the Gen 2 Pokemon? Let’s see if you can name these 20 Pokemon just by their Pokemon Shadow shape.

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