Who’s That Pokemon Quiz – Generation II – Part 4

Generation 2 Pokemon Quiz

It’s simply amazing that even after being around for a quarter of a century the Pokemon craze is still stronger than ever. Pokemon Gold and Silver, also commonly referred to as the “Metal Generation”, was a vast improvement from Gen 1. Many people were not aware that there would even be a second generation of Pokemon until the Pokemon Anime came out and Ash encountered a Pokemon that “could not be identified by the Pokedex (it was the Legendary Ho-Oh – the mascot for Pokemon Gold – btw).

Some more fun facts about Gen 2 is that it was originally to be titled “Pocket Monsters 2” (booooring…) and it was scheduled to be released in 1997, but the designers decided to take a couple more years to fix it up and make sure it looked perfect with the Game Boy Color. A BIG Thanks to them because Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver are totally Awesome!

We got some cool advances this time around, too. We were introduced to “Dark” and “Steel” types, there were 86 (yes, 86) new moves our Pokemon could learn, the capability to breed Pokemon (ooh la la), and who doesn’t just love the new built in clock that affects what Pokemon you catch depending on the time of day? The list goes on and on and there are too many more new and improved concepts to mention here, but as you can see, the game definitely upped the ante.

Although it is missing some key parts that fans from the original game fell in love with. For example, there’s no safari zone and no new Cat-like Pokemon. Even with a few downsides the games were still incredibly fun to play and definitely took up many hours.

There were only 100 new Pokemon added for this generation. Let’s see how well you remember these Generation II Pokemon.

Generation 2 Pokemon

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