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Lord Voldemort Harry Potter

The Wizarding World has some amazing appeal. No need to go to the dentist, no having to sit in traffic since you can apparate, and best of all, the cool outfits. One downside however is the evil wizards that want to take over and purge out any witch or wizard that is not a pure-blood.

It’s no secret that Lord Voldemort was not a nice wizard. He was not the first of the evil wizards, but he’s definitely one of the worst. While you can definitely hate Lord Voldemort, you have to appreciate his resilience and persistence. He knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Unfortunately for him Harry (and his friends) are the same way, but a bit more clever.

Voldemort is a little underappreciated when it comes to his resourcefulness. He employs the help of his followers and calls on them to do his bidding. There are still many things that people don’t know (or don’t remember) about Lord Voldemort. Do you remember where he took the kids from the orphanage (and what he did to them)? Do you know how old he was when he made his very first Horcrux? If not you may want to reread the books (or rewatch the movies).

While we (at least most of us) rooted for Harry the entire time, there may have been a moment or two of doubt that Harry can pull it off, Voldemort is just too strong. While reading the stories there were times where you probably thought there’s no way he can get out of this, but then miraculously he does, much to the chagrin of Voldemort.

This quiz is dedicated to those who paid attention to the little things and, even though may have been cheering for Harry, never underestimated the power that Voldemort had and the extreme possibility that he could have became the leader of all wizardkind.

Go ahead and start the quiz and let’s see just how well you know The Dark Lord.

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