X-Files Trivia Quiz – How Much Do You Really Know About The Show?

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You would be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t know what X-Files is. It was one of the most anticipated and celebrated series of the 1990s and 2000s. Surprisingly, Entertainment Weekly indicated that the show was “a goner” when it debuted in 1993, and even the stars of the show didn’t see it going past the first season or two, but it’s lived on and has built up a huge fan base.

Many of the cast and crew members have moved on to bigger and better things, too. David Duchovny has gone on to do big hits like Californication and other endeavors while Gillian Anderson has had the opportunity to star in shows like The Crown, Hannibal, and Sex Education. Even Mitch Pileggi got to do NCIS, Supergirl, and American Horror Story. It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come.

With X-Files slowly making a comeback (hopefully), we felt it was time for a good ‘ol refresher quiz. There are so many little intricate details about X-Files. The production of the show was very meticulous, even going so far as to hire scientist to “fact check” the science behind the various monster shows. They helped make it plausible (somewhat) for the different scenarios and encounters with the creatures and phenomenon that Mulder and Scully face throughout the show.

One thing that holds true, even to this day, is that it’d be very difficult to think of a better duo. The chemistry behind the two stars is incredible and really helps the plot of the series. It’s surprising, and many people don’t know, but the two really didn’t get along at first. And although Mulder is a believer and Scully is a skeptic, in real life it’s quite the opposite, David Duchovny doesn’t believe in that supernatural stuff, but Gillian Anderson does. These are the little facts we stumbled across while putting this quiz together for you.

It’s time to prove whether you’re a big fan or just an idle one. Take this quiz and see how much you can really remember from this iconic 90s series.

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