Can You Name All These Rare 1st Generation Pokemon?

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There is no doubt about it; Pocket Monsters have changed many lives over the years. And they’re still going. Ever since its debut in 1996 Pokemon have been finding (and fighting) their way into our homes and into our hearts. We all have a favorite starter and some of us have even figured out the secret recipe to beating the Elite Four.

No matter how many times you’ve beaten the final gym it’s always refreshing to pick up an old Game Boy (or even a cell phone these days) and start a new game. Reading the reassuring words of Professor Oak and starting a quest to help him out is always a blast from the past. Starting with just one Pokemon of your choice and catching your very first Magikarp are memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Or better yet finding that your favorite episode of the Pokemon Anime is replaying and actually having the time to sit down and get lost in the wild with Ash and his friends. The hijinks of Team Rocket (or whoever the antagonist is) is always foiled and Pikachu never (hardly ever) fails to pull through for Ash.

Another thing that remains true is that it’s near impossible to remember all the names of each and every Pokemon (not to mention their types, moves, and weaknesses). This is especially true when they’re constantly adding more and more to each version. Did you know that there are well over 800 Pokemon now?!

This specific quiz focuses on only Gen 1 Pokemon. In Pokemon’s First Generation there are only 151 Pokemon, and only a small percentage of those were rare. So, the question now is do you have what it takes to become a Rare Pokemon Quiz Master? Let’s find out!

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