Who’s That Pokemon? Generation 2 – Part 3

Generation 2 Pokemon

For over two decades we’ve been enjoying everything that Pokemon has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a quick battle or an epic journey you know that you can find it in the Johto Region in Pokemon Gold, Silver, or Crystal. Generation Two introduces us to a new town, New Bark Town, and 100 new Pokemon.

Whether you decided to pick the adorable Chikorita, the fiery Cyndaquil, or the ferocious Totodile, you can rest assured that you’re in for a real treat. These cute Pocket Monsters have been invading our homes since 1996 and we couldn’t be happier to take on the challenge of growing and training our pick of Pokemon.

This generation brought many great new additions from the original Red and Blue (and Green and Yellow). Some moves got different types, like Gust which was a normal move in Generation 1, now is a flying move and Sand-Attack which was also a normal move is now a ground type move. We also got introduced to Steel type (at least secondary anyway). And the different challengers around the game have been given their own name.

You can tell that the creators really put a lot of their hearts and souls into making the second generation. Pokemon has many great aspects to enjoy whether you’re playing the game or even watching the anime. Many may have forgotten the simplicity of just sitting down with a Game Boy Color and preparing for a battle, but maybe we can change that.

While the goal of Pokemon is to catch ’em all, some people just played for the fun of it. For those that did get to catch them all we would expect that you will Ace this quiz, for those that didn’t, well…we’ll have to see. Go ahead and see if you can name these Generation 2 Pokemon.

Generation 2 Pokemon Quiz

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