What Dragon Ball Kai Are You?

Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball is a Japanese based anime that features and follows the the life of Goku and many other characters, including some unique intergalactic ones. To give just a little background on the franchise, Dragon Ball started as a manga in Japan back in 1984 and a couple years later, due to its popularity, was released as a show.

It became a worldwide phenomenon almost overnight and, although Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, probably did not foresee it becoming such a success, its popularity is still overwhelming almost four decades later. The show has many different variations including Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT, etc. and plenty of enemies along the way.

For the most part the show focuses on a gang of characters like Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, and their families, but what about the higher ups? The Kais, which are in charge of the many different universes, don’t get too much air time on the shows. When they do it’s normally to provide some comic relief.

While it’s commonly known that many of the Dragon Ball Kais are excessively strong they don’t usually show off their strength. Each Kai has their own personality when you watch the show (or even read the manga), so it’s only natural that one may wonder which Kai they’d be.

Now those that are fans of Dragon Ball will be happy to know that you can now find out which Dragon Ball Kai you are. What are you waiting for?

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