True Or False – How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

Harry Potter Facts

Nothing makes us more nostalgic than rereading or rewatching our favorite Harry Potter book or movie. It’s been around since the 90s and is still more popular than ever. For those that have not had the privilege to read the harrowing tales or see any of the eight films, we do recommend you one or the other (or both!) asap. If you’re (for some reason) unfamiliar with the plot for Harry Potter here is a brief synopsis.

Harry Potter is basically about a young boy (Harry) that discovers he is a wizard and gets to escape his miserable life with his abusive aunt and uncle (for a bit) and take on a possibly even more difficult task – to destroy his mortal enemy that tried to kill him when he was a baby, Lord Voldemort. He meets and befriends some amazing, and very helpful, people along the way. He, along with his two best friends (Hermione and Ron) also manage to get into a bunch of trouble, possibly breaking every rule in the book.

Many true Harry Potter fans think they know everything there is to know about HP. Between the movies and books it’s easy to forget some of the smaller things or miss some things completely. Pop Quiz!

Did you know that Harry Potter ended up with the lightning scar just because JK Rowling thought it looked “cool”? How about the fact that the train used actually runs along a real train line? It’s really amazing that even after 20 years of Harry Potter there are still cool Harry Potter facts and trivia to learn about. It turns out that there are more secrets to Hogwarts than just those inside the Chamber.

This quiz includes bits and pieces from the novels and the movies, as well as some questions about the author herself. It should offer some great insight and information that any true Potterhead should know. Have fun!

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