Do You Know These X-Files Characters?

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September 10th, 1993. That is when we were all introduced to the dynamic duo that is Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The iconic slogan, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, splayed across our little box screen TVs. The catchy theme song calling everyone to the living room to watch the epic show that’s about to start. We’re talking about the amazing sci-fi drama The X-Files.

The story, if you’re not familiar with it, focuses on two FBI agents. One, Fox Mulder, has joined the FBI in hopes of finding the truth about what happened to his younger sister when they were children. Was she kidnapped? Was she abducted by aliens? This is what he needs to find out. It has become his life’s mission and he will stop at nothing to find her.

Dana Scully has been assigned as his new partner to analyze (dispute?) his findings in his X-Files. The X-Files, so named due to the nature of having to investigate and solve certain uneXplained phenomena and unsolved cases, is really all that Mulder has and it may help him find his sister.

Along the way they encounter many strange characters, see many unexplainable events, and come face to face with death (multiple times). They also build a relationship that is unmatched by any other investigative team. People literally tuned in just to watch the banter between the two. Although Dana Scully is a skeptic at first, she slowly realizes that there are some things that science cannot explain.

There were over 200 episodes during X-Files almost 9 year tenure. There were many people introduced throughout the series. Many were simply obscure mentions, but there were a fair few that held some importance to the plot. These are the ones that we will be focusing on this quiz. Can you name all these X-Files characters? Let’s find out!

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