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Harry Potter Trivia

If you ask anyone in in their 30s what their favorite book was growing up and you’ll probably hear a whole lot of Harry Potter. Perhaps your next question to that thirty-something year old should be “How many times did you read it?”. Chances are you’ll hear a lot more numbers than just one. There’s no doubt that the franchise has built quite a name and reputation for itself.

No matter how many times we have read the stories or watched the movies there are things that we tend to forget. The normal day to day living we’re all forced to do now that we’re all grown up makes the mind force out things it thinks are not important. (Side note: Anything Harry Potter is important).

Too often we get caught up in life and forget that some best times we had growing up was enjoying reading riveting chapter (or two) of our favorite Harry Potter book. One of the best parts about growing up with Harry Potter (and the ever-growing franchise) is passing it on to the next younger generation. While many may think that the next generation won’t enjoy (read: appreciate) it as much as we did, it is still our job to make sure the story lives on.

Here is your chance to relive some of the best Harry Potter moments. This quiz is not too difficult, unless you’ve completely forgotten everything that happened in the story. Enjoy! And don’t forget to share it with your friends so the can enjoy the nostalgia, too!

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