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Ever since the debut of The X-Files we’ve all been captivated by the adventures of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. A dynamic duo if we’ve ever seen one. The premise of the series fairly simple, find new paranormal and unexplainable cases to investigate and get to it.

We all know that out of the two Dana is the skeptic (at least initially). She likes to have cold hard facts and things that are easy to explain with science-backed proof. She is in charge with keeping an eye ob Mulder after all. Eventually she sees enough to at least trust Mulder and reluctantly go along on his (many) wild goose chases.

Fox Mulder is a bit more complicated and open-minded. He has been through a lot including losing his sister (and finding and losing her again), constant struggles with the wily Cigarette Smoking Man (not to mention Krycek – the guy that killed his father), and all while having to stay within the FBI budget and reporting to A.D. Skinner.

Even though the X-Files series franchise has been around since 1993 there are plenty of unknown facts and secrets about it. While most people that grew up with these two FBI agents and their shenanigans look back fondly on the experience of watching the show, there may be some out there looking for a refresher.

This quiz is designed for those who like to keep up with all the news and gossip. There were 11 seasons and over 200 episodes (and now a possible reboot?!). Hopefully you have fun taking a stroll down memory lane. And who knows, maybe you’ll even learn something new about the amazing series.

Go ahead and start the quiz and see if you can ace it!

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