Quiz: Do You Know These Facts About Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball Trivia

You would think that being around since 1984 that Dragon Ball would have some unknown secrets and facts. Spanning over almost four decades it would be hard to imagine someone knowing everything about Dragon Ball. Even the creator left out a character because he “forgot” about her.

Akira Toriyama is no doubt an imaginative genius. He created the whole Dragon Ball Universe, not to mention all the characters and storylines. Many may not be aware, but Dragon Ball actually started out as a semi-raunchy manga in 1984. The popularity of the manga helped secure the creation of the anime which started in 1986.

Now, there may be some people out there that are not dedicated Dragon Ball and may not see the awesomeness of the show (it’s OK, we don’t judge). There are also those people that enjoy nothing more than sitting down and bingeing on the animated series and know that the plots are actually much deeper than they appear on the surface.

If you are a Dragon Ball fan and watch the show with any type of regularity it’s inevitable that you will come across some valuable information about the characters along the way. Some of them you may hold on to and remember, but most of the tidbits you find out will go in one ear and out the other. Let’s hope that’s not the case though if you’re going to try to tackle this quiz.

With all that being said, now it’s time to see just how much you do know about Dragon Ball. Can you get 100% (A+)? Let’s find out.

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