What Is Your Strongest Go-To Dragon Ball Move?

DBZ Character Moves

Do you remember the first time you were introduced to Dragon Ball? The first time you saw Goku unleash his trademark Kamehamehe? No matter when you got into Dragon Ball, whether it was by the original manga that was started back in 1984 or the many versions of the anime, it’s safe to say that you’re a fan.

What makes Dragon Ball so unique is that Akira Toriyama introduced a set of characters that his audience could relate to and look up to. He offered a familiar setting – Earth – along with some not-so familiar ones. He also spent a lot of time developing each character giving each and every one of them their own quirky personality and each person that watches the show has their own favorite to watch.

Some people prefer watching Vegeta with his egotistical “I have to be better than Kakarot” attitude, while others enjoy Goku’s happy-go-lucky self that’s always thinking “I want to fight the strongest being in the universe so I can see if I’m stronger”. Still others just enjoy watching the development of the other characters and the story line progress.

No matter what your favorite thing about Dragon Ball is, anyone that has sat and watched even just one episode of Dragon Ball knows it’s serious stuff and that it can get rather intense with all its fighting scenes. Each of the Dragon Ball fighters have their own signature move.

So, the question is, What would be your strongest Dragon Ball move? By answering a few questions this quiz will answer that for you. Let’s get started!

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