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Best Harry Potter Patronus Quiz

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – not the park, but the overall setting of the Harry Potter series – is full of unbelievable spells and sprites. Some spells are more useful than others. From Expelliarmus (which is considered to be Harry’s signature move and arguably what saved the entire wizarding world) to Scourgify (because who wants to spend hours cleaning?), there are many spells that we’ve learned along the great journey that is Harry Potter. There is, however, one that stands out among the others and that is Expecto Patronum.

We can all use a bit of happiness in our lives at times, especially now more than ever. That’s what the Patronus is for; it’s a guardian that chases the dark away. It requires a strong and real memory that brings out the emotion of happiness to create it and it allows its caster to feel hope even in the most desperate of times. It’s mainly used to keep Dementors at bay and to send messages to other wizarding folk.

Casting a Patronus is no easy feat. It takes incredible focus and powerful magic to accomplish. Harry was the youngest wizard to accomplish casting a corpeal Patronus (which is the animal form, rather than the non-corpeal which is just a wisp of light).

Ever since the introduction of the Patronus in the third installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, when Professor Lupin saved Harry from the Dementor on the train ride to Hogwarts, there has been much speculation on how the form a Patronus takes is decided. One theory that most can agree on is that it should take the form of something that means something to you, something you have some sort of emotional attachment to.

Surely you’re curious to find out what your Patronus would be (or you wouldn’t still be here =). Now you can take the most accurate Harry Potter Patronus Quiz online. What are you waiting for?

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