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Clearly Satoshi Tajiri didn’t know what kind of monster he was creating with Pokemon. Obviously it was Pocket Monsters, but he couldn’t have had any way of knowing just how big these tiny creatures would become and what a huge fanbase would come along with it.

Even if Pokemon has been around for over two decades there’s always some new information circulating about it. Whether it’s news about a brand new Pokemon game or adaptation, new species or type, new generation of Pokemon (there are almost 900 after all), or something from its creators, it’s always fascinating. It seems like there’s always something in the news regarding Pokemon in some form or fashion.

There’s no denying that the Pokemon fan base is huge and is constantly circulating new news and information. You also have some that enjoy reimagining the Pokemon with their own styles by drawing them how they see fit and others that put together their own version of a Pokemon RPG game.

With all that being said there’s undoubtedly some random Pokemon facts that many, even the biggest Pokemon fans, do not know. And that’s where Quiz-Tola comes in!

If you’re in the mood to learn some new facts about your most beloved Pocket Monsters, which obviously you are or you wouldn’t be here, take this quiz and test your Pokemon knowledge.

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