Name That Movie Franchise: Harry Potter Or Twilight?

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Harry Potter made its debut in 1997 featuring The Boy Who Lived while it took Twilight almost a decade longer to bring us the tumultuous relationship of Edward and Bella. While JK Rowling did have a bit of a head start, Stephenie Meyer definitely gave her a run for her money (literally?). While the overall theme and concept of the stories were majorly different both series had no problem building a strong and loyal fanbase.

#TeamEdward or #TeamHarry? #TeamBella or #TeamHermione? Sparkly Vampire or presumably Doomed Wizard? Or both maybe? Or neither?

The debate has been ongoing since the introduction of Twilight in 2005. In fact, many friendships have been destroyed over it (supposedly). Due to the popularity of both franchises, and no matter what team you were on, chances are you’ve read all the books or at least seen all the movies. If this is true it’s time to test your knowledge.

Do you know which franchise was more aimed towards teenagers and women? Or which one had an antagonist with a name that started with a V? If so, you might be ready for this hardcore Harry Potter vs Twilight Quiz.

These questions will not be easy unless you’ve read the books and/or seen the movies. Either way, make sure you read the questions carefully before submitting your answer.


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