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Best Pokemon Quizzes

There comes a time in every persons life that they must grow up and embark on the journey that is “Adulthood”, but now is not that time. And tomorrow’s not looking too good either. Now, in the middle of the current worldwide crisis, is the time to cuddle up with your phone or laptop, and enjoy some mindless fun. What better way to enjoy your day than to sit back and relive some good old fashioned Pokemon Trivia?

Although Pokemon has been around for over 20 years it still holds many secrets and mysteries. To this day there are new facts being discovered and released from new and old games alike. Some believe they know all there is to know about the World of Pokemon, but that’s just not possible. There are over 900 Pokemon now, not to mention all the different moves and cool features that have been introduced with every generation.

Pokemon is one of those things that never really loses its appeal. It’s a lovely form of nostalgia that many of us look forward to. Honestly, can you ever look back at a time where your were disappointed that you stumbled across your long-lost Gameboy that just so happened to have a long-forgotten Pokemon cartridge in it? Or how about turning on the TV just to find an old rerun of the Pokemon show? It’s just something that inevitably brightens your day.

It’s your love for Pokemon that has brought you here. Being a true fan of Pokemon doesn’t necessarily mean that you know every Pokemon fact or that you can finish the sentences from every episode or that your know every single move each Pokemon can learn. No, being a true fan simply means that you won’t let the franchise down. You will be there to play the new games (and replay the old ones), you’ll watch the shows and movies, and when you do finally grow up and take on “Adulthood”, you will pass your love for Pokemon down to your kids. That’s what being a True Fan is all about.

Take a stroll down Pokemon Memory Lane and enjoy a fun Pokemon quiz that’ll definitely help break the monotony. And don’t forget to share the quiz with your friends!

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