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For many of us Harry Potter has been a staple around the house. Whether you’ve invested hundreds of dollars in HP gear, multiple editions of the seven books and spinoffs, or the many different versions of the eight+ movies (DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K UHD, etc), it’s probably safe to say you would consider yourself a die-hard Harry Potter fan.

There is a reason for why Harry Potter has such an immense and diverse fandom. The fact that JK Rowling’s amazing wordplay and memorable spells and quotes are just that: amazing and memorable.

What makes the Harry Potter books and movies so great is the different relatable characters and the plot twists that only the most advance fantasy/thriller reader would see coming (and sometimes not even them). If you took away all of Rowling’s added wit and humor you come across along the way in the story it’s safe to say that it would not be the same (not even close).

Now, if you take a moment to consider how many times you’ve read the stories or watched the movies, do you really think you would be able to name all the spells that occur in the movies and books? Really?

Ok, let’s see. We hope you took your Felix Felicis today. Good luck!

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