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It’s no secret that there’s a huge fan base that follows the Harry Potter franchise. It is also well-known that readers of the seven Harry Potter novels and fans of the eight Harry Potter movies are constantly revisiting them, whether it’s for comfort or nostalgia we don’t know.

There are many reasons why it’s hard to stay away from these stories. Whether we revisit out of boredom or out of the desire to escape the monotony of life, every time we do we come across something new or perhaps even develop a greater appreciation for the complex plot. There are twists and turns everywhere and, especially with the books, many forgotten plot lines.

One thing that remains true, whether you are looking to feel that rush of excitement when Hermione finally punches Malfoy in the face or the nail-biting suspense of whether or not Harry and Hermione will get caught when trying to save Buckbeak after using the Timeturner, the “hold your breath and hope for the best” plot never seems to disappoint. It’s a very welcomed roller coaster of emotions.

With all that happens in the story along the way it’s understandable that one may forget a scene or two and some dialogue here and there. We all know, however, just how important every intricate detail in the story is. That’s the way JK Rowling intended it and why there are so many great and unexpected “Ooohh….” moments which is what makes the books so readable and relatable.

This quiz is designed to serve as a refresher. Can you get 100% correct? Take the Harry Potter Who Said It Quiz and find out.

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