How Well Do You Know Pokemon? See If You Can Name That Pokemon From Just One Fact

Difficult Pokemon Character Quiz

Many may not have heard of the term “media mix”. It refers to a strategy that a company uses many forms to distribute their “product” including TV, movies, games, books, apps, toys, theme parks, etc. Pokemon has become the highest grossing media franchise ever by utilizing every avenue possible to show off their cute, but fierce, Pocket Monsters.

No matter how long Pokemon has been around (over 25 years!) there’s always new fun facts to learn about the franchise. Whether it’s something about the pocket monsters themselves, the anime, the creators, or the game it’s always fascinating to hear about new glitches and what not.

With almost 900 Pokemon characters now it’s no wonder that there’s always new little tidbits of information coming out about them. Not to mention the amazing fan base that Nintendo, Game Freak, and Pokemon have built up over the past few decades. With that being said it’s obvious that there’s something even the most diehard Pokemon fans don’t know.

Ever heard of the infamous Missingno? Seen the graffiti and added a mustache to it in Crystal? Caught the highly sought after Mew? We didn’t think so…

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge about these amazing creatures that have transformed so many lives worldwide. Take our Pokemon Factoid Quiz now and see what grade you get.

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