Which Dragon Ball Sensei Is Your Perfect Trainer?

Dragonball Test

The Dragon Ball franchise has been entertaining millions of people all over the world since 1984. Yes, 1984. Its creator, Akira Toriyama, could not have fathomed the following of fans he created, let alone their undying loyalty. It seems like once you see your first Kamehameha you’re hooked and want to keep seeing it, over and over, no matter how many shows it drags it out.

The characters all have their own quirks. Goku with his neverending desire to find someone stronger than him, or someone to really give him a run for his money when it comes to power and strength. Then you have Vegeta who’s a very devoted and serious character that’s always wanting to prove he’s better than Kakarot and all others. Master Roshi, maybe one of the quirkiest of all, plays a huge part in the show.

Needless to say, if you want to succeed in the Dragon Ball Universe, you have to train hard and build up your level. What better way to become a true master but to be trained by one of the very best possible? If there’s anything that Vegeta, Goku, Beerus and the gang have taught us it’s that practice makes perfect. One should be constantly training.

So the question now is which Dragon Ball Sensei wants to train YOU? There’s 13 different Senseis waiting to see if they’re the perfect match to be your trainer. They all offer their own unique flavor and tricks to teach.

Go ahead and take this quiz and find out which Dragon Ball Sensei wants to train you up.

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