What Slytherin Are You?

Quiz For Slytherins

For many of us Harry Potter is life! We keep the books close by and the blu-ray disc in the player. It’s an easy “go-to” when we’re looking for something to relax or comfort us. Even though it’s filled with tumult it also lifts our spirits the way only it can.

Ever since the introduction of the four houses, each with their own personal traits, there has been debates as to which house one would fall into. Most everyone wanted to be a brave Gryffindor (like the 3 main protagonists – heroes – in the story ) and not many wanted to be a cunning Slytherin (like the main antagonists – villains – in the story).

Unfortuntely, as we see with Harry’s youngest son, Albus Severus Potter, sometimes we end up in a house we never wanted to be in. We all know that the Sorting Hat knows best!

Many may have ill feelings towards the Slytherins a few of them are pure evil after all. Admittedly there are a couple good ones in the bunch.

Not only have we ourselves thought about what house we’d be in if we did ever get the invitation to join the other students of Hogwarts, but some may have thought about which Slytherin character from the series we would play. This is a little bit of a different question because each character created by JK Rowling has already been given a distinct set of personality traits.

No matter your feeling towards Salazar’s house it’s definitely still worth considering which Slytherin you would be. The traits of a true Slytherin include being cunning, ambitious and resourceful, but also indecisive and sensitive. There’s no doubt that being a Slytherin has its perks, but it depends on which Slytherin character you are, doesn’t it? Some are obviously better off than others.

So, are you the Bloody Baron? Bellatrix Lestrange? Or worse, He Who Must Not Be Named himself? Take this quiz and find out.

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