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Many of us have never seen such a phenomenon when it comes to an anime/manga series. Dragon Ball does hold the #2 spot as the best-selling manga series after all. Ever since its release in 1984 it has taken off and, even almost 40 years later, it’s still growing in its audience and popularity. It also helps that its manga has been released in over 40 countries and the series has been shown in over 80 countries!

Many consider the show as a source of inspiration mainly due to the primary character Goku. The show has had a major impact on Pop Culture all over the world, to say the least. The lessons that are “taught” by the show like resilience and never giving up and to always have a good attitude no matter what life throws your way, are subtle but understandable.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, was a huge fan of martial arts and enjoyed watching movies featuring Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, so he decided to create the manga modeled after the characters they portrayed. That, and also the Chinese story Journey to the West helped prepare the overall plot of the show.

He’s also a brilliant storyteller. He knows his audience well and writes accordingly. For example, he knew his audience would expect Goku to win the tournaments, so instead he had him lose the first two. This helps to keep the audience entertained and guessing.

With all that being said, you’re here to have some fun! Let’s see just how well you know Dragon Ball.

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