Who’s That Pokemon? Gen II – Part 1

Guess That Pokemon

Some of our greatest memories are of playing the fun, albeit sometimes frustrating, Pokemon games. Many of us have dedicated hundreds (possibly thousands!) of hours of our lives to raising, training, and battling with our little Pocket Monsters. We’ve all spent time reading up on the different types (what’s good against what) and learning how to find our way around all the different regions of the large Pokemon world and even some secret spots.

Imagine how long it would’ve taken to complete the games if they hadn’t ever introduced the running shoes and bikes…Yeesh!

No matter if you were reeled into the franchise by the Pokemon card trading game, the show, or the actual video games, once you were bitten by the Pokemon bug (type), you were (and have been) stuck to it for life. Ever since its release in 1996 people all over the world have been claiming that they’re “Pokemon Fans”.

With close to 900 Pokemon now it would be understandable if even the biggest Pokemon Fan in the world forget a name or two. While it all started with Generation 1 and 151 unique Pokemon, the second generation of Pokemon only added 100 Pokemon to the ever-growing list.

It’s hard to believe that Pokemon Gold and Silver were released over 20 years ago. Where does the time go? Now, it’s time to relive those wondrous years of booting up our old and faithful Gameboy (Color!) and watching our cute little Pocket Monsters grow into strong and fierce Pokemon force to reckoned with. No matter which ones were your favorites you’re bound to remember these.

Well, it’s time to get ready to take a stroll down Memory Lane. Ganbatte!

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