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  • Water Type Pokemon Quiz

    Which Gen 1 Water Type Pokemon Are You?

    It’s hard to believe that Pokemon started almost 25 years ago. Many of us spent hours (and hours) at a time trying to get to the Elite Four, and even more time trying to beat them. This even involves sitting under a blanket at 1 AM (with a flashlight) playing with noise off so your […]

  • What Is My Pokemon Patronus

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    What Is Your Pokemon Patronus?

    Life as children and young adults can get to be a bit mundane. Luckily, for many of us the 90s were full of great surprises. We had cool new shows to look forward to like The Simpsons and Recess, then the release of Gigapets, Beanie Babies, and Furbys. One even bigger phenomenon that took place […]

  • Fun Quizzes For Children

    What Dragon Ball Z Character Are You?

    1984. That’s when Dragon Ball made its debut and it all started. We’re sure that its creator, Akira Toriyama, did not expect it to become such a success or for it to become a worldwide phenomenon…yet, here we are almost 40 years later. It holds the record as being the second best-selling manga in history […]

  • New Pokemon Quizzes

    The Ultimate Pokemon Fan Quiz

    Are you a true Pokemon Fan? We bet you are or you wouldn’t even be here! If Pokemon has taught us anything it’s that you must show great strength and, perhaps more importantly, perseverance if you want to survive (and catch ’em all). It also takes a lot of time, patience, and batteries. Take a […]

  • Impossible Quiz Dragon Ball

    Only True Dragon Ball Fans Will Get These Questions Right

    Many of us have never seen such a phenomenon when it comes to an anime/manga series. Dragon Ball does hold the #2 spot as the best-selling manga series after all. Ever since its release in 1984 it has taken off and, even almost 40 years later, it’s still growing in its audience and popularity. It […]

  • Best Dragon Ball Quiz

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    [Hard] Level Over 9000! – Name That Dragon Ball Character

    Did you know that Dragon Ball has been around for nearly four decades? Forty years! Maybe you weren’t even born yet. It originally started as a manga waaay back in 1984. Akira Toriyama, its original creator, couldn’t have had any idea about how popular this captivating cartoon would end up being. I’ll bet that you […]

  • Best Dragon Ball Quiz

    Name That Dragon Ball Character

    It would be hard to believe that when Akira Toriyama sat down and started creating the Dragon Ball Manga in 1984 he would have expected to create such a prominent franchise. Here we are almost 40 years later and it’s still a booming success. His classic mangas have been turned into video games, animated series, […]

  • Fun Facts Pokemon Quiz

    Test Your Pokemon Knowledge – Can You Name These Pokemon?

    Clearly Satoshi Tajiri didn’t know what kind of monster he was creating with Pokemon. Obviously it was Pocket Monsters, but he couldn’t have had any way of knowing just how big these tiny creatures would become and what a huge fanbase would come along with it. Even if Pokemon has been around for over two […]

  • Fire Pokemon Quiz

    What Gen 1 Fire Pokemon Are You? Find Out Now!

    It’s hard to imagine a world without Pokemon. No, really, try to. It’s been around since forever, but really only since 1996. It became a worldwide phenomenon even being featured on uber popular shows like The Simpsons and South Park. Between the anime comics, video games, and shows it’s no wonder that the mega Pokemon […]

  • Difficult Pokemon Character Quiz

    How Well Do You Know Pokemon? See If You Can Name That Pokemon From Just One Fact

    Many may not have heard of the term “media mix”. It refers to a strategy that a company uses many forms to distribute their “product” including TV, movies, games, books, apps, toys, theme parks, etc. Pokemon has become the highest grossing media franchise ever by utilizing every avenue possible to show off their cute, but […]

  • Best Pokemon Quiz

    Can You Name All These Rare 1st Generation Pokemon?

    There is no doubt about it; Pocket Monsters have changed many lives over the years. And they’re still going. Ever since its debut in 1996 Pokemon have been finding (and fighting) their way into our homes and into our hearts. We all have a favorite starter and some of us have even figured out the […]